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‘Open Talk’ has been added for general sharing purposes.  The Lord is drawing and placing us within the Body as it pleases Him, each having pieces and only seeing in part.  As we connect and share what each has been given, we can begin to see a bigger picture.

Please feel free to share praise reports, questions/answers, general comments – whatever you feel God laying on your heart to share with others, in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below.

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NAnn P
NAnn P

Here is a short summary of the background to this: Greater Vision has a song called ‘My Name Is Lazarus’ which I heard them preform about fifteen years ago. Great song. Currently there is a video on youtube telling about men in the state of Georgia that have a Bible that has been flowing with oil for about a year – and the Bible is still perfectly intact. Both the song and the oil share this message: If we can believe God can raise someone from the dead and we can believe God can produce oil from a Bible –… Read more »