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‘Open Talk’ has been added for general sharing purposes.  The Lord is drawing and placing us within the Body as it pleases Him, each having pieces and only seeing in part.  As we connect and share what each has been given, we can begin to see a bigger picture.

Please feel free to share praise reports, questions/answers, general comments – whatever you feel God laying on your heart to share with others, in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below.

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  1. Here is something I have been contemplating. It is a bit hard to put into words – I hope it makes sense to you.

    Deep within followers – at their core – it is as if there is a pillar of light. Imagine something like those children’s glow light sticks. We are to keep our eyes focused inward at the light because Jesus is the Light. If we do this, it is as if we are pointed in to our personal Holy of holies. When Peter focused on Jesus, the Light, he could do something supernatural. If we stay focused on that inner light, our ‘outer court’ which is the world fades from view. We will not fear that outer place if we cannot see it. We will not compare ourselves to anyone in that outer place if we cannot see it. We will not follow that outer place if we cannot see it. That is how we decrease and Jesus in us increases.

    In this vision posted, Jesus was just going about the Father’s business and the Light increased. Those with eyes to see were drawn to the Light. The same idea. If we are drawn to the Light within us, we will be about our Father’s business. Others will be drawn to us if they have eyes to see. Jesus lived this out when He walked the earth – and we should follow His example. Jesus often went alone to be with His Father and so should we by turning inward to our Holy of holies. That amazing Mercy Seat helps us keep a proper perspective.

    Those in the ‘outer court’ around Jesus wanted to make Him king. Jesus kept His eyes focused on the Father and went to the cross instead. In the posted vision, the people went to the world (auditoriums) for guidance and help. Only those that focused on the Father went to the safe inner house (Holy of holies) of Jesus.

    And there will be signs in the heavens. We are always warned, but Scripture clearly tells that many have eyes but do not see and ears but do not hear.

    I love reading Oswald Chambers – here is some wisdom from him:
    God expects His children to be so confident in Him that in any crisis they are the ones who are reliable.

    “…O you of little faith!” What a stinging pain must have shot through the disciples as they surely thought to themselves, “We missed the mark again!” And what a sharp pain will go through us when we suddenly realize that we could have produced complete and utter joy in the heart of Jesus by remaining absolutely confident in Him, in spite of what we were facing.

    There are times when there is no storm or crisis in our lives, and we do all that is humanly possible. But it is when a crisis arises that we instantly reveal upon whom we rely. If we have been learning to worship God and to place our trust in Him, the crisis will reveal that we can go to the point of breaking, yet without breaking our confidence in Him.

    • NAnn,
      I’m blown away by your comment! This is exactly what the Lord’s been dealing with me about. He wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives – not only the big trials that come upon all of us, but even the most minute ones. It’s only as we keep our eyes straight ahead focused on Him – on the Light – that we can stay in faith and perfect peace when faced with all the irritations and distractions that come our way throughout each day. What if your computer – or car – breaks down? How do we react? How would Jesus react to these situations. Saints, it will be these little foxes that come in to spoil the vine. These are the cracks that the devil will use to come into your life and wreak havoc!

      Thank you for sharing this, NAnn!

    • I have send this dream to Diane who asked me to share it here if so led. So here it is.

      The dream is not so much about a new thing but rather confirmation of what is happening already under our noses and ties in somewhat to Diane’s latest post.

      In the dream I was fishing from the side of a small lake when the wind started blowing so hard that I had a hard time keeping the bait on the board let alone to keep on fishing.

      A few people not far from me looked up to the sky as a dark cloud gathered omniously at the highest peak of the hills closest to us.

      Looking at the cloud also, I wondered if I should pack-up when I saw something terrifying happen so suddenly that I could hardly move for shock.

      A huge sea wave crested the lower parts of the hills and came rushing down the hillside a bit further away from us and with fear I realized that the valley of vineyards between us and the nearby sea must be covered with seawater for that wave to have come over the hill.

      I knew that when the next wave breaks, it will run clean over the hills and flood the area we are in. That thought rooted me to the spot and I was unable to move because of fear.
      It is then that I woke up.

      My interpretation of the dream according to the meaning of the symbols is:

      The wind that blows so hard is the demonic opposition to the gospel and the chance to evangelize.

      The dark cloud forming but which was still small around the highest peaks is God judgement beginning to form and taking shape around the highest places of man (as hills symbolizes the nations and hilltops man’s evil intent and effort as with the tower of Babel)

      The valley of vineyards is a place of blessings, fertility, peace and good standards.

      The sea symbolizes the instability of peoples/nations.

      The wave cascading down the hill had a spesific meaning which I knew to be the very liberal left, cultural marxism and the LGBT+ agenda which is increasingly enforced worldwide.

      The vineyards of today – the civil liberties of society and good standards we had historically which were a blessing that resulted in peace and fruitfulness are covered under a sea of human unrighteousness (what came to mind is the lack of patience and vitrolic levels in debate) and the wave targeting the gospel and evangelism are spesifically from the far left, cultural marxism and the LBGT+ agenda.

      According to the dream, I could hardly fish and all my effort was focused on holding on to the bait in the strong wind which meant the huge effort it takes to evangelize in today’s permissable and hardened world but it seemed all I have the strength for is to hold on to the Word for dear life myself.

      My lasting impression apart from the very seriousness of the situation was the absence of time, the impending disaster about to happen and my unpreparedness (what is to come to the Church and how little time we have left to evangelize in developed countries).

      It took me a while to realize the dream probably needs a wider audience and wasnt meant for me alone.

      Please take it to the Lord

      • Cobus,
        As I stated in my email to you, I believe your interpretation is spot on! All the blessings being covered up in a sea of unrighteousness; the absence of time and our unpreparedness; the fact it’s getting harder and harder for us to “fish” because we are barely able to hold onto the Word ourselves…

        I believe this dream is meant to give encouragement to the Saints; to understand how the demonic storm whipping up around us is meant by the enemy to paralyze us. We must take our eyes off the storm and look straight ahead toward the Light of Jesus; pressing in and taking shelter in Him!

        Thank you so much for sharing this! God bless you, Cobus!

      • Last week I woke up with this on my mind . . .

        People were in the water trying to stay afloat during a violent storm. If they see a boat being tossed and turned in the water it offers little hope.

        However, if people look and see a boat sitting calmly on top of the raging water they will be drawn to it.

        Our job is to “keep Jesus in our boat” and be the calm in the storm. People will be drawn to you that way. When they ask how you can be calm in the storm – THAT is your opportunity to tell them about Jesus and how they, too, can have Jesus “in their boat.”

        Later was listening to hymns and this one came up . . .

        On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
        All other ground is sinking sand,
        All other ground is sinking sand.

        When darkness veils His lovely face,
        I rest on His unchanging grace;
        In every high and stormy gale,
        My anchor holds within the veil.

  2. I’m currently going through a very painful transformation process too. I asked Him to empty me of myself and sin, stretch me out, and fill me with Him. And to make this a “crash course”, considering how little time remains.

    It has hurt. It has been terrifying. For the past week, I have often cried uncontrollably, for no apparent reason. It’s not depression either. I can only trust He is answering my prayers and hitting the “reset button”on my heart and life.

    • Bobby,
      He will do a quick work in us! I too have had many episodes lately of crying and literally groaning in the Spirit. May the LORD God, the Almighty One, touch us. May He transform us into His likeness and image! Let’s all lift each other up in prayer!

  3. God is so wonderful! All I want to say. He led me here after having a tough day yesterday. Wow. Some times I feel alone in this spiritual awakening, and some times I start to doubt, but then if you pray, He answers in all sorts of ways. 🙂 I feel like holding faith in my heart is giving me these new found super powers to over come any thing, like this emptiness that is finally filled. It’s a refreshing way of living in this world with a whole new set of eyes. Praise be to Him!

    • Jake,
      It does feel like we’re alone during the transformation process. He beckons us to separate ourselves unto Him, allowing Him to finish His work in us. Little by little, we’re emptied of self, to be filled with Him. The emptying (dying) of self is very painful and lonely. But as you said, God is so wonderful! He gives us grace (empowerment) to overcome! Thank you for sharing your heart, Jake!

  4. Here is a short summary of the background to this: Greater Vision has a song called ‘My Name Is Lazarus’ which I heard them preform about fifteen years ago. Great song. Currently there is a video on youtube telling about men in the state of Georgia that have a Bible that has been flowing with oil for about a year – and the Bible is still perfectly intact.

    Both the song and the oil share this message: If we can believe God can raise someone from the dead and we can believe God can produce oil from a Bible – what do we believe God can NOT do??

    So I was pondering those thoughts and my mind went to Scripture where the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. The phrase: “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” was highlighted in my thoughts.

    If God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven . . . well just think about it. That pretty much covers everything! If God’s will is done, His commandments will be kept. If God’s will is done, we will love our neighbors as ourselves. If God’s will is done, we will be the head and not the tail. If God’s will is done, we will accept Jesus as our Savior. If God’s will is done, our lives will always point others to Jesus. If God’s will is done, we will seek first the Kingdom of God and trust that God will supply our needs. If God’s will is done, we will believe that He will prepare a table for us in the midst of our enemies. If God’s will is done, we will know the power of the Shed Blood of Jesus. The list goes on and on and on.

    I think this is in harmony with your comment:
    “But fear not! They that are with you are are more than be with them.”
    “Nothing can stop you until My purposes are fulfilled.”

    • Amen, NAnn!
      Yes, if man would only submit to His Will, and begin to walk in His LOVE – which conquers all – EVERY problem would be solved! No wars, crime, divorce, abortion, and you name it. Come soon, Lord Jesus!

  5. “Heads Up!”
    “Heads Up!”
    “Heads Up!”
    “As I have warned you, All hell is coming against you.”
    “It is even now at the door!”
    “The enemy has surrounded the camps of My people.”
    “But fear not! They that are with you are are more than be with them.”
    “Nothing can stop you until My purposes are fulfilled.”

    (This was received Wednesday morning, July 17th)

  6. Many of you are in a state of mourning right now, not knowing why. Wednesday night I kept waking up while praying for the lost – in and outside the “church.” This was of the Spirit of God, because the praying was what kept waking me up! I’d hear myself either groaning in the Spirit for them, or hear prayers of intercession coming out of my mouth. Each time I continued in prayer until falling asleep again. This was repeated throughout the night.

    Saints, the heart of God is being felt in our mourning! We are told throughout scripture the judgments of God are true and righteous (Psalms 19:9). What we’re seeing as the LORD lifts His hand off America and around the world is His great MERCY! He’s giving the world a good shaking to awaken as many as are willing. We know it’s not the will of God that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Pet. 3:8-10).

    The Lord is calling us to pray His will in the earth! We must intercede and cry out for the lost. As the earth trembles beneath us, may many be brought to their knees in repentance to be saved!

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