Praying for Victims

The best gift we can give our Father in Heaven is the sacrifice of our time, our worship, and with a thankful heart. When things seem hectic and chaotic, find a peaceful place to be with Him. I go to the woods. The simplicity of being around nature in the presence of the Lord is so peaceful. I had an incident that led me there today.

I tried to join an on-line prayer group where people give their requests for prayer and the members pray. I love to pray so I was excited about it. The first request came as a person asked for prayer to escape the violence of their companion. It was a simple request and my mind went to ‘this person may have no place of safety, no family, this person may be very battered right now’. The replies to this prayer request broke my heart and I cried.

When the fire department goes to a home that is in flames, they don’t stand there with the hose and say ‘you are living in sin so we need to get this corrected and repent, then we can turn this hose on and let the water flow to save anything left of this poor structure’. ‘Oh, not living in sin, I’m so sorry, the house burned down while I waited for you to answer my question.’

Years ago I worked in domestic violence and I’ve taken victims out of the back door of a hospital under police protection because the abuser was either hidden inside or had their ring leader watching. There are people out there that abuse and because of their status, it is kept very silent. We never know who is asking for help online and what their life would be like if they were caught escaping.

My spirit was so unsettled that I couldn’t seem to function and my joy was hiding somewhere. I live in the woods and I don’t watch the news so I don’t see things like this anymore, and I’ve never seen people that were to pray act like that. I was under the impression that a prayer group meant just that. I couldn’t get the image of those wolves attacking that baby deer in the forest, so I headed to the woods.

The Lord meets me in the narrow paths. I see flowers that come up on their own by God’s creation. I speak to Him and He speaks to me. And He settles me down to move on. He helps me find my joy that has hidden away. And He listens while I pray for that person somewhere that needs a safe place to go and needs to hear His voice as badly as I do. That person anywhere in this world in any country that needs a safe place to go – I pray God provides. And I pray that when He does, His Spirit quickens their heart to know who rescued them and lifts their face to Him. Jesus gives Living Waters so that we never thirst again.

God loves the sacrifice of our worship. He is the healer, the rescuer. He will take the most battered of hearts and show them how He sees their worth. There are places hidden where people being battered and abused can go. There are numbers out there that if you call and give your location or where you will meet, they will pick you up and take you to a place where you are welcomed with open arms. They’ll hug your children and read to them. They’ll teach you to cook and find you a home. They’ll furnish it and paint it and buy groceries to get you started.

1-800-799-SAFE is a number you can call or chat or text. They are never closed. There are also numbers in your town or nearby.

The thing to remember in all this is God rescues, He heals, He saves, and He loves you. Spend time with Him and you will be amazed.

God bless you!


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