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Norman Gauthier Ph.D.

I have been a born again, spirit filled, believer since 1974. I’m married, have three daughters, 4 grandchildren, and a cat.

Background includes:

BS- University of Massachusetts, majors: Zoology, Botany and Insect internal microscopy photomicro techniques

Doctoral: Cornell University with majors: Entomology, Plant Pathology and Insect Toxicology

Former biological research scientist; Biological Sciences biology professor at several institutes, colleges, and universities for 38 years, retired in 2004.

Faith writer/author.

Locusts From the Pit of Hell

The morning of September 28, 2021, after several days of intense prayer, the Holy Spirit began revealing, not only the physical, but the spiritual significance of a video I’d watched of an interview with Dr. Carrie Medej (link below), and prompting me to share what was being shown. 

I contacted Diana Pulliam, a member of my prayer group, so we could discuss and pray over my findings.  After praying with the other members, all felt God wanted this written up in an attempt to warn and awaken others to this great deception and demonic attack. Continue Reading >>>