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Video (“He’s Coming Through the Cracks!”)

This video is about a word given on March 30th, 2017, and a supplement to the post “He’s Coming Through The Cracks!  I am Revealing the Cracks!”

There are cracks in the armor of the Saints they’re not even aware of. These cracks are because of hidden idols or “high places,” which must be brought down and destroyed.  Until the high places are cast down and destroyed in your life, the devil will continue coming through the cracks to wreak havoc in your life.


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  1. Creation operates via “analog”. Since the advent of the computer age, more and more of our world is operating via “digital”, to where “digital” is overriding “analog” in some key areas.

    If you superimpose a digital signal inside an analog, you will notice that the digital signal is “chopped off” at the highs and lows, at 90-degree angles, leaving “gaps” between the digital and the analog.

    These “gaps” are “entry ways” between “the realms” that were sealed off from each other long ago, for obvious reasons. That is, there are “entities” on “the other side” that await their return to our side. And via “digital”, they are doing so …

    The analog reality, as well as the “containment system” that analog allows, has been breached by digital ..

    For a good idea of just what this may be like – but only with the approval of the Holy Spirit – watch the movies “Pulse” and “Mist”. Big Bingo!

    The digital signal also provides “the woodpecker effect” inside our heads, brains, minds, souls. It’s like having a jack hammer going 24/7 inside .. No wonder people are literally being driven mad … and acting out their madness ..

    And soon enough, our wi-fi networks will be upgraded to 5G .. the woodpecker effect on steroids .. the complete removal of all analog safeguards separating the realms ..

    Focus on the “5” in the “5G” – the “law of the fives”.

    Get ready for “entities” and “things that go bump in the night” to materialize out of nowhere .. “for men’s hearts shall fail them for fear” will become a daily and nightly reality for many.

    Only the Blood of Jesus can save a person from these assaults and onslaughts from the enemy. Plead the Blood of Jesus everyday, every moment if need be. Remain anchored in Jesus, and in Him alone, for there is no other solution, no other remedy.

    • Loren,
      With what’s already happening, then ramping it up to 5G, it’s hard to fathom the jack hammer effect you describe. Men’s hearts will surely fail them for fear of what’s coming. The Lord’s shown me, there’ll be no earthly weapons that can protect us from what’s ahead. Your last paragraph sums it up; we need to be anchored in Jesus, pleading His precious Blood over us daily, as there is no other remedy!
      Blessings to you, Loren!

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