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Video (“He’s Coming Through the Cracks!”)

This video is about a word given on March 30th, 2017, and a supplement to the post “He’s Coming Through The Cracks!  I am Revealing the Cracks!”

There are cracks in the armor of the Saints they’re not even aware of. These cracks are because of hidden idols or “high places,” which must be brought down and destroyed.  Until the high places are cast down and destroyed in your life, the devil will continue coming through the cracks to wreak havoc in your life.


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July 27, 2017 1:47 pm

Creation operates via “analog”. Since the advent of the computer age, more and more of our world is operating via “digital”, to where “digital” is overriding “analog” in some key areas. If you superimpose a digital signal inside an analog, you will notice that the digital signal is “chopped off” at the highs and lows, at 90-degree angles, leaving “gaps” between the digital and the analog. These “gaps” are “entry ways” between “the realms” that were sealed off from each other long ago, for obvious reasons. That is, there are “entities” on “the other side” that await their return to… Read more »