Behind the “Net” Work


In 2011,  ‘’ was created in obedience to the Lord.  He’d told me, “Write what I show you.” Shortly thereafter, He began giving dreams and visions of the times in which we live.

In February, 2018, through a series of visions, the Lord revealed how the Bride is being miraculously networked together.  Please read ‘The Real “Net” Work’, which details what was shown and the vision behind this website.

The Lord’s prompted me to expand the original site in order to function as a place for the Body of Christ to connect, to share what each has been given for the strengthening of the whole (Eph. 4:16).

A ‘Get Connected’ tab is located at the top of the website containing various options, including:  Send Prayer Request;  Join the Prayer Team;  etc.

Please submit your selection and someone will contact you accordingly.  

God bless you all,


Diana Pulliam


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