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T. "Andrew" Farley

I'm a born-again believer in Yeshua/Jesus Christ, and a disciple and bondservant to the King of Glory. I was flipped upside down out of the "muck and mire" (Ps. 40:2) beginning in 2012, by His amazing grace alone. I was delivered of many things.

He showed up after much prayer in 2013 and performed a "spiritual heart transplant" on me (see Ezekiel 36:26), and between then and now I was shown my identity in Him, in a separate powerful moment.

I was later called by the Father to ministry (Ephesians 4:11) a while back, but I'm not big on titles. (see Acts 4:13) I'm one of the former "foolish of the world" chosen by Him (in my weakness) to occasionally confound the wise a little bit, in His strength-not mine. (see 1 Corinthians 1:27)

I'm called to minister and teach among other things. He's led me in prayer/healing ministry, and I'm qualified to be empathetic because I've been through a ton in my life and walk, having been "extracted and saved" from and through some pretty big messes or situations! (Isaiah 54:17 applies as well)

I don't have very many dreams and visions, but I've been blessed in some encounters, and His Holy Spirit has led me in His living word to much greater appreciation of His word than I used to have! Speaking of that, I'm blessed to occasionally "hear the still small voice" of the Holy Spirit (especially during or after prayer) and from time to time He's asked me to share with the body. When I do that, I understand the personal responsibility and gravity of this!

Please remember we need to test everything, against the living word and by the Spirit...

The Lion of Judah is returning soon to clean up the big mess of sin and rebellion on this earth (we're in a cosmic war!) and to setup His millenial-reign/administration from the New Jerusalem. I give witness that this (and He) is coming sooner than many would believe!

Remember to watch and pray always (Luke 21:36) and keep looking up, for our redemption draws nigh!

Blessings to all,
T "Andrew"

When My Fire Comes Down!

When My fire comes, does it not come to consume all that is not of My Kingdom?
When My fire comes upon My own, will their lamps be ignited as they shine in the midst of the darkness that has come upon the earth?
They will!
Those who have their lamps full of My oil will speak to and through the gross darkness; for through them- I will expose it for the fleeting shadow that it is! Continue Reading >>>

The Narrow Path Ahead

I just ran into this memory from 3 years ago, March 24, 2020. I had forgotten about this, but the Spirit had me fired up. Lord God prepare us for round 2, to show them YOU!

Okay, I’m FIRED UP…It’s time for testimony and witness in this hour!

I’m reading something a little bit ago and an amazing brother published a great message BOLDLY, calling for a national day of not just prayer, but REPENTANCE, and his you-tubes are going down NOW, being erased by the Luciferians. This has and IS happening to many in AMERICA, no longer the land of the free, the agenda of those who would make us “the divided states of America” is hard at work and has been and is in your face people, wake up! Continue Reading >>>

“My Patience Has Reached Its End!”

To My Children who have ears to hear and eyes to see:

I love you all more than you can even imagine, that’s why I send this letter to you now.

The ONLY safe place now- is truly abiding under My wings, and in My presence.

My judgments upon this earth and its wickedness is moving forward.  I’m not stopping it, but I will protect My own as I’m using them. I’m referring to protecting and keeping safe, each and every one of you who have asked Me to use you, fear not! Continue Reading >>>

Matters of the Heart

The images in the photo above are from the afternoon of Wednesday, December 29, 2021. Those leads were glued to me and used in the cardiac cath lab at IU/Methodist Hospital for the camera under/over me during the angiogram. The thing at the bottom is my wristband, and I’ll explain the 12-29 sticker further in a moment, but it’s obviously the date I was there and they made me wear it when I walked in. Continue Reading >>>