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Matters of the Heart

The images in the photo above are from the afternoon of Wednesday, December 29, 2021. Those leads were glued to me and used in the cardiac cath lab at IU/Methodist Hospital for the camera under/over me during the angiogram. The thing at the bottom is my wristband, and I’ll explain the 12-29 sticker further in a moment, but it’s obviously the date I was there and they made me wear it when I walked in.

Two days earlier, “Dr. V” (I will keep her abbreviated for now) called me on Monday morning. She is the Chief Cardiac Interventionist at this hospital system, and one of the best in the country. She had been waiting for a CD of images from the inside of my heart, that were taken in October, during my month+ long ordeal at another hospital on Indy’s far south side. They had finally arrived, and she and I had a 10 minute discussion. 

Now that she saw the images from the cardiologist who did an angiogram then, the “report” was that open heart surgery was likely to be the best or only solution. (over stents or anything else) However, she also stated that she now agreed with his earlier assessment, and the huge problem happening was that I had blockages in all 3 main arteries, and my main arteries were smaller than normal, and one of them very small!

For those who may not have heard what happened to me before this, I will summarize in 2 paragraphs, that in late September I became very ill unexpectedly with the germ, bio-weapon, whatever you want to call it. God allowed me to then go through a huge fiery trial. After 2.5 weeks of staying in a very high fever, I had made mistakes by not getting good medicine early through alternative sources, such as America’s Front line Doctors. I didn’t think I’d get as sick as I did, and the next thing you know I was very weak and being taken by family to the one place I didn’t want to go these days, the ER/Hospital! 

While there for nearly the entire month of October, I suffered several pulmonary embolisms on day 10 in my left lung that nearly killed me. I was on 100% oxygen, my lungs were inflamed and my pulse oxygen levels were in the 80’s at the highest! This was the same week that Russ Dizdar, and Rob Skibba went home or died, although I’m not comparing myself to them, but I had great respect for them both! I was unable to understand what God was doing, but I knew that ONLY Jesus would bring me through, and I held on for dear life, even as I quietly proclaimed “I would live and not die, and proclaim what the Lord had done or was doing!” (see Psalm 118:17)

Less than a week later I had 5 people burst into my room in the ICU one Sunday afternoon, and they proceeded to wheel me at high speed down the hallway before I even knew what was happening. (They said an earlier EKG showed high LST levels and I had a heart attack.) They took me to the Cath lab, knocked me out and even intubated me (I did NOT want that!) while the cardiologist I met a month later dug around on the inside of my heart. I left the hospital eventually by God’s mighty grip, and went to 2+ weeks of full time physical therapy at a rehab facility, before I went home and continued physical therapy for several more sessions. Even then, God quickened the healing of my lungs and strength returned to my body! They told me however, when I had recovered that I would need the heart addressed. Many did not expect me to walk out of that hospital, I give glory to God that I did, it was only His power and grace; but I was also very grateful for SOME of the staff, and especially nurses and tech’s who helped me tremendously when I was hanging on for dear life!

Okay, so back to the present and Monday’s phone call with the new Doctor. Dr. V had confirmed the “bad news”, but God answered another prayer of mine when during the call, she confirmed that if it was okay with me, she’d like to go in one more time before they scheduled a likely surgery? I instantly said yes and she scheduled me on top of her schedule, for 48 hours later to come in Wednesday for another angiogram, before they split my ribs open soon!

On 12/29 it was finally time to go to downtown Indy. I had received powerful prayers from quite a few people over the last month or two, and just a day earlier an amazing fellowship I’m part of, held a short notice prayer meeting and 8 or 9 other people showed up at 1 pm. to devote their time to me in prayer support! I felt good…I prayed before we left, and I asked God to “put a guard over my mouth and a watch over the door to my lips.” (see Psalm 141:3)

I’m a man of faith and a servant of the Lord, so I was expectant but I wanted the Holy Spirit to lead me on anything to say, or NOT say, regardless of what the day and this test revealed.

The first thing I was led to say, my mom was in the car as she insisted on going of course- and at one point I said something like, “Mom, I gotta tell you something. Don’t be surprised when this thing is over, I believe God’s done something huge and people are going to be very surprised!” She didn’t oppose that statement, but she was worried as moms are and her response was uncertain.

They checked me in really quick, and then a male RN named Michael had me assigned, so he took me to the prep room and handed me the gown and gave me the instructions. He asked “so, what’s your story” and I told him or gave him the quick version of the last 2.5 months. 

I didn’t plan on saying it, but the next thing I knew, I opened my mouth and said something like: “Michael, I know this may sound very strange- but I believe they’re going to see a different picture than what they’re expecting, so don’t be surprised if it goes that way!” (I recall he did a quick “okay” as acknowledgment, but he probably though he had another crazy one who wasn’t accepting reality perhaps?)

The person in front of me was finished and they came for me. The nurses hooked me up to the IV’s and one of them shaved the area in the groin to prep reaching the artery that they would put the catheter in.  Then Dr. V came over to me, and put both hands on my arm and looked me in the eyes and said:
“Mr. Farley, I just want you to know- we are going to get through all of this together!” and she was very solemn. As she released my arm I then said something like: “Amen! But Dr. V, I need to tell you something.” 

“Yes?” she replied.

I then said: “You know I’m a man of faith, right?” She answered “Yes.” I then said: “Well, I’m pretty sure that something powerful and supernatural has already occurred since Monday, and I don’t want you to be shocked. I believe you’re going to see something totally different now than what you expected.” 

She then paused, and said “Well I sure hope so!”

15 minutes or so later (I was juiced up but awake and alert, although relaxed) and listening and watching as much as I could on the screen while they went in there and started looking around.

The next thing you know, I heard (the normally calm and quiet professional doctor) loudly exclaim: “I’ve NEVER seen ANYTHING like this in 39 years!” She made that statement I believe to herself, the other doctors and the team in the room. “This is incredible!”

She then came over near me, put an image on the screen and said: “Mr. Farley, THIS is your main artery that’s so small, and there’s the blockage (as she pointed to it with a cursor), these are the images from X hospital…Then she switched to a “live” screen and pointed to the same main artery. “Here is this same artery now” she exclaimed. “It’s clear, it’s totally clear, and look at the size of the artery now, it’s double!” “All of them, all three, I’ve never seen anything like this!”

I said, “Praise the Lord, He IS faithful!” They were all in shock, I was in awe and water came out of my eyes as I began to thank Him!

As they pulled out and prepped me for 3 hours of brief recovery for the artery and returned me to the holding area, I wanted SO badly to be in the room when Dr. V went to tell my mom about what had just occurred! I knew I couldn’t be, but I would hear about it soon enough… 🙂

I’m almost done, but I’ll do my best to succinctly type very closely to what my mom said later, which I recorded at the time on my phone! She was getting tired, and antsy, and a nurse came into the waiting area and called for “family of T. Andrew Farley” and she said “yes”, and they said “please come into this room and Dr V’s coming to update you on the procedure.” My mom told me later she had some dread, and was concerned something bad had happened or their might be worse news coming. (She knows Dr. V personally, because she’s been her patient for years and she knows Dr. V is ALWAYS calm cool and collected!)

She told me she saw her approaching and she started saying so LOUDLY that I should have been able to hear her: “it’s GOOD, it’s good, it’s ALL good!” Mom said she said it about 8 times! My mom said she was sort of in shock and trying to process what she was saying, and she said “Never in my career, in 39 years I never seen anything like this! It’s all good; NO blockages, his arteries are now the right size!”

My mom finally started to register what God had done and stated/asked: “It’s a miracle?!” And Dr. V responded, “YES, it’s a miracle! He’s no longer sick!” She then told her she was going to write about me, or publish an article about what happened. And she said: “And, he TOLD ME before I started what was going to happen!”

I prayed very intently before typing this, for it not to be long or one word too short. This isn’t about me, it’s about the King of Glory, also known as Jehovah-Rapha, the Lord God our healer! I asked God to guard my fingertips as I shared. (By the way, I left one or two other amazing things out, but I’ll share more soon in the comments of this on my social media testimony.)

I am SO grateful for the men and women of prayer, who’ve had my back all along. I’m so grateful for the amazing network/fellowship God led me to, after He’d had them praying for me during the hospital of death experience. I’m so grateful for friends and all other spiritual family praying for me as well. Earlier today, I asked God to bless EACH of you 100 fold, anyone known or unknown who prayed for me and knew what was happening! I felt God’s touch in several live prayers when people laid hands on me, and during several phone and fellowship prayers, God bless you all and you know who you are!

I am so thankful for God choosing Dr. V to be the first medical or scientific witness of His glory and majesty in this move that only He could pull off! I’m thankful to all the good people in the hospitals, who aren’t aware of the  evil in some of their midst, and were there for me at various points, trying to help me with wisdom and compassion.

However, I’m most thankful to my King, the one who IS coming soon and I glorify His name, the might name of Jesus, Yeshua Hamaschiach! By His stripes I am healed, just as His living word states!

I am now officially strong in my physical heart to endure until the end and overcome!

The systems of this world are crumbling. Darkness is increasing and is being exposed at a much greater level. I pray if you’re in a battle or have received a “scary” report, you’ll trust and seek God first over man; if you do He will show himself faithful! In the coming months and more, God will be the ONLY reliable One to come to for healing. There is much deception and evil now upon the earth, that has infiltrated all of the systems. All of this will lead to the end of the world systems, and a new heaven and earth- but first, darkness has a brief moment upon the earth. You, me, all of us were born for a time such as this! Jesus paid a heavy price for those sheep who will hear His voice. His love and power is available to all, and He doesn’t want any to perish, without knowing or finding Him.

This testimony again is my witness of His glorious love and power, and soon I will have all the materials in my possession that medically proves this witness as well!

Ironically, I have 2 other “heart testimonies” from a few years back, now that this has occurred I will someday soon share. (I had typed them up for an end-time prayer/teaching book that I’m working on; God willing it will be done before Jesus returns!) 

If you haven’t “met Him” or you have been seeking the truth, or you’d like healing prayer, please message me on FB, telegram or by email at wingsofgloryhealing@gmail.com and I’d be honored and happy to pray for and with you. I’ve been a minor vessel for His glory alone and have seen MANY miracles occur- besides my own; including several stage 4 cancers being healed, hearts, the end of migraines to several, and more!

He is faithful and my final statement for now will be sharing this scripture, which seems very appropriate:

“This was the LORD’s doing; It is marvelous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:23

I love you Jesus, thank you!

PS- Earlier when I prayed and assembled these mementos that ended up in the picture I took for this post, regarding the yellow sticker that has “12-29”, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say “Look it up!” And I knew he meant in the Strong’s concordance, not in the word. So I did, here’s a summary of what that word is in the biblical breakdown, or root word:

G1229: “diagello”, “to publish, abroad, proclaim.” (I announce throughout the world (the world), spread the news of, give notice of, teach.”

This testimony was published, proclaimed and sealed on 12/31/2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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February 17, 2022 8:08 am

Years ago, if my husband was late returning home, when I reached my panic point I would call him. My daughter observed:  Mom, you always call just minutes before his arrival. You need to “take ten” and wait a little longer.  He always shows up just after your panic sets in. That lesson has served me well.  Many times just pausing to be certain of my actions was a good thing. These days it is easy to become anxious and maybe even begin to feel hopeless.  A word like this – telling of a miraculous healing – may be our time to “take ten.” To pause but… Read more »

Diana Pulliam
February 16, 2022 6:49 am

What a testimony! I’ll never forget the moment you called me after the procedure to tell me the news, and I let out a scream of pure joy! The Lord impressed upon me that day; this is the beginning of an amazing move of God in this season. He’s showing Himself STRONG on behalf of His people.

He will confirm the WORD with signs and wonders. As you preached the promises from His Word to the people around you at the hospital – He showed up to confirm it!

T. Andrew Farley
T. Andrew Farley
February 16, 2022 10:31 pm
Reply to  Diana Pulliam

Thank you for allowing me to share it here, with whoever it may encourage. I will always remember that moment and call and the scream of joy! 🙂 I agree fully with your assessment, and thank you for being faithful to share much instruction and edification to His body, via all that He’s spoken to your heart by His Spirit over the years. You are greatly respected and appreciated, I’m glad you’re on our side!

February 4, 2022 12:14 pm

I’m so excited for you! What a testimony you now have for the rest of your life. And for others to have been told by you ahead of time, you were truly led by the Holy Spirit to say such things. I live in Indiana and know the areas you’re talking about. We have good people here and I am most grateful that Dr. V was able to witness a miracle.🤗

T. Andrew Farley
T. Andrew Farley
February 16, 2022 10:33 pm
Reply to  Hope

Thank you! It was an ordeal leading up to that huge day, but at this point as rough as it was, I wouldn’t change a thing, because it gives our King the glory and I am a witness to His lovingkindness and mercy, and to His power. I’m praying for Dr. V, she’s awesome but drawn into much of the other “deception” going on all around us the last 2 years. Separations spoken of in His word are quickening, as He is also faithful in His exposure (re: Luke 8:17). Blessings to you and yours Hope!