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Final Acts of the Church

Glory of God

The night of August 7th, I had a dream that lasted most of the night.  The next morning, I drew out what I’d seen and heard on a piece of paper.  Immediately, I understood the dream was to be shared, and even discussed pieces of it with several close friends.  But every time I came before the Lord to put it together, I was completely overwhelmed by His presence and virtually paralyzed, as He would show me visions of what I’d seen in the dream. Then, on August 26th, I was given a second dream, and finally allowed to write it up.  Please pray over this for confirmation and understanding, because I was shown this is for His Anointed Ones, and has much to do with the final acts of the Church.

The dream began with me walking towards a large table. 

As I approached the table, I saw it had photographs and writings spread all over it. When I finally got close enough to look down upon it, I was surprised to see it was a complete representation of my life.  Laid out in pieces, strewn all about, it looked like pieces of a puzzle. I could see that some of the pieces were beautiful times of my life, with other pieces not so beautiful…, and then I noticed some very ugly pieces that brought feelings of great sorrow as I looked at them.  It was then that I became aware someone was with me, as I heard a man just behind me begin to speak.

The man began to explain to me that some of the pieces I’d not looked upon in such a long time, I’d forgotten they existed.  He said others pieces had brought such pain and sorrow, that I’d kept them hidden away. Then he pointed out the pieces I thought had been lost forever.  As he pointed out all the various parts, my heart began to sink.  It became apparent to me, everything was just a big mess.  Nothing seemed to fit together, and everything looked torn and fragmented.  I began to cry.

Then I heard the man say, “Gather up the pieces and bring them to me!”

So I bent over the table and scooped everything up into my arms, making sure I got every last piece.  I turned to give them to the man, but as I turned around, I only saw a room directly ahead of me.  Then I heard his voice again:

“Come into the secret place.”

As I came into the room, I saw what looked like an altar along the wall opposite me.  So I crossed over and knelt down in front of it, placing all the pieces on the floor.

In the next sequence of the dream, I was no longer on the floor, but standing next to the man.  As I was looking down at the pieces, he began to explain what I was seeing. He said,

“There is no schism in the body, and nothing is hidden that will not be revealed.  But nothing unclean or broken can stand before me.  I will burn with Holy Fire what does not belong, and I will heal all that is maimed and broken and it will be made whole.” 

As he said this, I saw blood being sprinkled over all the pieces.  Then fire and rays of light appeared and began to go in, out, and around everything, until I could no longer see the pieces.  Finally, all I could see was a bright light all around me.      End of Dream.

The second dream on August 26th, began with me standing alone in a room.  A feeling of great peace and joy completely filled me.  Suddenly, I was looking at my body from a few yards away, like I was outside of it, just observing.

I could see what looked like tiny bolts of electricity and streaks of fire running along the inside of my body.  I could see this taking place right through the skin, like when you look at burning coals in a charcoal pit.  I kept seeing this though out the night – up until the last dream before awakening.

In the very last dream that night, I saw the same scene.  But this time as I watched, suddenly everything changed.  Now, I could no longer see anything except a glowing light all around the outside of my body. I could tell by the outline that it was me, but the light was so bright I could not even see my clothing.   End of Dream.

I got up from the dream and went to write down the details.  The Lord showed me I was to combine this with the words and drawings from the first dream.

As I walked towards my desk to begin writing, I heard the Lord say,

“The final acts of the Church are at hand. Rise to sit with Me at My Father’s right hand. You will do exploits. Look only at Me. I AM your supply, your Rock, your Fortress. I AM your all in all.

All the Father has given Me, I give to you. Rise up and sit with Me until My Father makes our enemies our foot stool.”

I quickly typed out those words.  As I was praying over what I felt the Lord was telling me, the Lord gave me a final confirmation:

I saw an ugly caterpillar crawling along a twig.  It began spinning a cocoon around himself.  Then the caterpillar, totally sealed in its cocoon, hung from a leaf for a few moments, until the most beautiful butterfly I’d ever seen emerged.


In the weeks prior to the dreams, I’d asked a question of the Lord:

Although I knew without a doubt, the Glory of the Lord must fully indwell His people in order to do greater works than Jesus (John 14:12), I’d concluded that God would have to do a complete “stand in” for me.  I couldn’t imagine there being anything in me that would be usable to Him.  But at the same time, I knew we had to be involved in the process, otherwise, he could just raise up rocks to take our place.  I’d been asking the Father, “How can it be, that we do greater works than Jesus?”  The following is what I feel to be His message to His Church:

Each of us must gather together all the fragments of our life, and present all we are before God. We must “Come into the secret place” with Him.  As the Blood of Jesus is sprinkled over the inner parts of our being, all the pieces are cleansed and purified; His Holy Fire burns up the chaff; while the maimed and broken, pieces we thought to be lost forever, are healed.

It’s in this secret place that a complete and total transformation will take place!  The contrast between what we look like before entering, and the beauty that will emerge, is like that of the ugly caterpillar entering his “secret” place, then transforming into one of the most beautiful creatures in God’s creation!

All creation is pointing toward this event. The clues are all around us!  Paul told us all creation is actually groaning in travail, waiting for the manifestation and revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:19-22).

This is how the Glorious Church will do even greater works that Jesus. The Glory of the Lord will be upon us!  Isaiah prophesied of the time when “gross darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1-2).

When we emerge from this “secret place,” the Glory of the Lord will be upon us! Jesus will be the Head of the Body, which is the fullness of Him.

Saints, the Lord is saying to us:

Gather up the pieces and bring them to me!”

“Come into the secret place.”

“The final acts of the Church are at hand. Rise to sit with Me at My Father’s right hand. You will do exploits. Look only at Me. I AM your supply, your Rock, your Fortress. I AM your all in all.

All the Father has given Me, I give to you. Rise up and sit with Me until My Father makes our enemies our foot stool.”


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December 11, 2020 12:38 am

Many thanks to you Diana for letting yourself be used by God to bless us and being sensitive to the Leading of the Spirit. I reread your posts often they are a great blessing to me. Blessings to you!

James Slaby
James Slaby
January 4, 2017 6:56 am

We do not all sleep nor are we all deceived! Religion is man’s attempt to reach God, Christianity is God reaching out to man! Agape love always, your’s in Christ Jim!

Pam DeLaune
Pam DeLaune
December 23, 2016 1:56 pm

My spirit agrees.
How do we (as his Saint) get to that place of having dreams and visions.

Such turmoil in my life. Been believer for 40 years. Completely sold out and know time is short.
Not even my church has the urgency of the times.

Want to be bold as a lion to speak of what’s coming.

Thank you sweet sister for your time. Pam

Enachu Frederick Edmos
Enachu Frederick Edmos
September 23, 2016 7:30 pm

I am a Pastor , I teach eschatology because God gave me the grace to understand it, am very impressed to see God communicating to you in the manner of John the revelator. Your anointing is special for the edification of the Church. Do not fear, I will stand with you in prayers.

September 4, 2016 1:56 pm

It amazes me how God is reaching out to us in these final times,wanting us to come to Him and that He will purify us, that He will make us white as snow. I know that the world is a very dark place but it just means that Jesus is coming soon.In the meantime we have to use our gifts that God has given us to be an ambassador in the kingdom here on earth.This is a great word and it made me take a moment to look at my own life and the cleansing that I need in order… Read more »