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Tribulation-Now Interview (Final Steps for the Bride)

This was an interview given on 7/12/2017, discussing the final steps of the Bride of Christ.  If you are experiencing severe trials right now, it may very well be that God is answering your prayers!  Judgment is coming, and how you’re affected will depend greatly upon which “group” you’re in.

Jesus is beckoning His people to “Come!”

My portion of the interview begins at the approximate 1:38 hour marker.

Tribulation-Now Interview


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July 16, 2017 8:23 pm

Praise the Lord! Thankyou so much for being a vessel of the Lord and giving us valuable information from our Heavenly Father. What a wonderful interview this was Diana and thanks for the word spoken thru William as well. God Bless you all.

July 14, 2017 8:54 am

I read everything you post here but when I hear you pull it all together on Johnny’s program, it seems so alive to me! Same thing happened last time you were on.

I am also glad that you explained who William was. I was curious about that, trying to find his website, etc. 🙂

God bless you!