Longings of the Bride

Bride Longing

When I received ‘The Proposal’ on June 12, 2017, several weeks went by before my feet touched the ground again.

During the visitation, Jesus had said,

“You are My beloved!”

        “Will you be My Bride?”

The morning after my acceptance of His proposal, I was told,

“Prepare yourself for Him!”

When I heard those words, I could hardly contain myself!  I immediately began to ask, “Lord, how do I prepare? Please show me how to prepare for Him!”

On June 22nd, during a day of fasting and prayer, the Father answered me:

“He is your Betrothed.”

        “You must remove any vestige of previous lovers.”

“Your primary role will be to continually seek ME in prayer and fastings.”

“You are to receive from your Bridegroom and be a witness to Him.”

“I have prepared you for Him!”

“He will spread His covering over you!”

After these two experiences, it was like I was floating a foot off the ground for the next few weeks.  I felt the love of the Father for His Son, and the love of the Son for me.  What was so amazing was the love I felt for Jesus, my coming Bridegroom!  It was like that “first love” I’d experienced upon first becoming a Christian, except so much more.  This love was a supernatural love given me from the Father for His Son!  He was my Betrothed, and would be coming for me soon!

The morning of July 6th, 2017, I’d just gotten out of bed and began to walk across the floor when the Holy Spirit spoke the following:

“Your faith will be stretched beyond anything you can possibly imagine.”

Little did I realize the importance of those words, and how I would soon cling to them.

The Wait:

It wasn’t long – just a matter of weeks, when things of this world began to come against me as never before.  Distractions from every quarter, and persecution like I’d never experienced gradually began to take their toll.

Numbness crept in, spreading over me like a blanket.  I cried out to the Father, asking why the wait had to be so long. The love I felt for my Bridegroom was so strong it began to feel painful to me.  Now, when I thought of Him, it was just a reminder that He was so far away…

The Doubts:

Soon, doubt began to wash over me in waves.  What was happening?  Hadn’t the Father told me He had prepared me for Him?  Did He not say He would spread his covering over me?  If that was the case, why was everything so hard?  Why did I feel so absolutely alone?  Instead of celebrating what was to come, I found myself in a state of mourning!

The Solution:

Gradually, I came to believe that since I had to go it alone for now, the less I thought about being united with Him, the easier it would be to make it through the day.  The truth was, every time I let myself dream of Jesus coming for me, the harder it was to face the stark contrast, that physical reality around me.  It felt like I was on a roller coaster, with extreme highs and lows… So I began to busy myself with the things I was involved in before the visitation, prior to The Proposal.

The Lord Responds:

The middle of August, just as I awakened from a deep sleep, I heard the Lord say,

“Do not look at the things of this world.”

“Fix your eyes only on Me!”

Just then He reminded me of what He’d told me in July,

“Your faith will be stretched beyond anything you can possibly imagine.”

He began to minister to my spirit about the days ahead and how everything I was going through, the Bride of Christ will also experience – but multiplied a hundred fold as calamities and persecution skyrocket!

As the Betrothed of Jesus, we must prepare ourselves for Him!  Once we accept His proposal, we cannot go back to the previous “loves” of this life.  We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of distractions in our attempt to numb the pain of our unmet desire to be with Him.

No, the Bride of Jesus must turn completely TOWARD Him!  She must fully EMBRACE Him!  For it’s during this betrothal period, that He reveals more and more to her about who He is!

As the coming Bridegroom is revealed, His Bride must be a witness to Him.  She represents Him, and is His Body on the earth.

She must become like Him in order to be united with Him!

The final step of the Bride will be her total surrender to Him! 

 “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh…” (Mark 10:7)

Notice when the man leaves his father’s house – he and his wife become one flesh.  Could this be the reason no one will know the day or hour of Jesus’ return – but only the Father?

Only the Father will know when the Bride’s heart has totally surrendered to her Bridegroom, when she has fully embraced Him, and their hearts now beat as one…

To Be Continued…


Scripture References:

Matthew 11:29, “Take My yoke upon you and learn of me….”

Acts 1:8, “…and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem…and to the end of the earth.”

2 Corinthians 4:18, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

Ephesians 1:22-23, “…the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him…”

Mark 10:7, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh…”


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  1. I can relate to the feelings expressed above. My Holy Father told me months ago He was bethrothing me to Jesus. I have soooooo much to learn about being a loving bride. I had 2 abusive marriages, divorced both. Not raised a Christian, saved @ 33, but took many years for me to reach a measure the maturity I am at now.
    Daily I give myself, heart, mind, body and soul, all that I am and all that I have to my .Father and my Bridegroom.
    God is faithful to me in so many ways.
    Promises to take care of me, holds me in the palm of His hand, upholds me with His right hand.
    You all are encouraging to me in that we identify with our Father and Bridegroom.
    Shalom Alechem to all of you

    • Becky,
      Yes and Amen, He is so Faithful and Good to us. It’s so uplifting and encouraging to hear from others who’re looking expectantly for their coming Bridegroom!

  2. Diana,
    God bless you and thank you so much for your honesty and humility. In most of your posts this year I have commented to the effect that I have been led on this same journey this year by the Holy Spirit. Reading your posts is like having a big sister who blazed the trail and gives feedback and encouragement for those little brothers and sisters like me trying to catch up! Praise God! I had felt led to begin fasting in July and i believe this season may be over now, with a final fast for the Day of Atonement, but what a journey indeed. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but always, always clinging to the LORD! Isn’t it amazing how close we can walk with the LORD and sometimes feel so far away, it is like being lost again? Then He pulls us back close like a breath of new life and we know the courtship is back ON! Praise Jesus! Hallelujah! Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you Sister Diana, and thank God for using you to encourage us! Glory to God!

    • Frank,
      Your comment blessed me today, and thank YOU for YOUR encouragement! Yes, it is amazing how close we can walk with the Lord and sometimes feel so far away. But He is Faithful and always gives us a new breath of life at just that right moment!
      God bless you, Frank!

  3. So very true..there is a deep pain in my heart now..all joy hurts so much..I wonder how much more and how much longer…Lord have’s so hard..this world seems strange to me.. please sister keep me in ur u..God bless you sister ?

    • Renu,
      I just wanted you to know that you are being held up continually in our prayer group. Keep your eyes straight ahead on Him! God bless you!

  4. Robert,
    These things which you are enduring now will be as a faint memory soon! Our loving Father is going to use each of them to bring you closer to Him as you yield it all up. Do not be discouraged but look up to Him! The enemy’s attacks against you will be turned for your good because God loves you very much and desires to fill you with His Spirit more and more! Truly that day is coming soon but until then, trust Him in all things and give the pain and disappointments to your Father!

  5. Robert,
    He’s giving you great revelation and insight. “…that’s the desire for spiritual children following the marriage consummation” is straight from the Holy Spirit, Robert!

  6. Thanks yes Hes highlighted that to me recently…to remember I am not my own Ive been bought at a price…I’ve confessed my sin of becoming bound by debt to another when it wasn’t even my place to do so…The words you wrote are exactly what I feel Hes been saying to me also…to only fix my eyes on Him…in the spirit its like I can just feel my hands relaxing and releasing the cares of this world and deceitfulness of riches…letting it all just fall away through my fingertips…absolute total surrender and submission as never before…forsaking all prior loves…I have grief and longing but also a deeper revelation of His love approaching…I can sense it…taste it in anticipation…soon Hes going to pour Himself… His love into me in a greater measure than I’ve ever known…and empower me to go into the harvest to do likewise expanding my territory…I trust He will open the door of release soon so I can finally step through and answer my calling (I guess thats the desire for spiritual children following the marriage consummation…)

  7. Hi Robert again…I feel more alone than ever too…I miss my marriage so much…I long for companionship…intimacy…someone to read pray worship and prepare with..speak the word together like I had…but God has me hedged from meeting anyone new…nobody wants me…it makes me feel so worthless…plus now Im out of money to pay my debts and face losing everything. I know its all God…everything is converging…I dont understand why it’s like this…He’s given me such wonderful precious promises!…I’m deeply grieved for all the lost…what’s coming on them…yet I am prevented from following my calling right now…I long for my heavenly bridegroom…I’ve been waiting for many months…consummation perfectly desribes the feeling…this is all so painful to endure! I thought it was just me because of all my sin failure and regret…but I guess not. Anyway blessings to you!…just a little ways to go!

    • Robert,
      Im so sorry about your marriage and financial trouble. I’ve been through a lot of what you describe, and i just fell to my knees before the Lord often during such times – and still do. What may help is to remember

      You’ve been bought with a price and are no longer your own. You are God’s property, and He knows how to take care of what belongs to Him. Bundle up all this mess and present it to Him. Give it all to Him, Robert!

      You are in my prayers. God has this, and will see you through to the other side, my friend!

      God bless you, Robert!

  8. Hi, Praise God, yes tiresome but so blessed we are still at this point; not looking fwd to all that will take place but wait, pray, spend time with the Lord. The in dwelling of the holy Spirit is a promise to any individual who repents and receives Jesus as the son of God and Lord and savior, there will be people right til the end repenting and turning to the Lord. I believe the spirit of Gods hand working thru the body of Christ could be the restrainer or the holy spirit in each of us as a whole body, church body. I really don’t know..Only God knows. Definitely an interesting topic. God Bless you

  9. Yes, your description is accurate and helpful as the wait has been at times exhausting as we move in closer to Him. I’m happy to spend literally hours on my couch with Him before work and after with my husband, all we do is watch, wait pray and educate ourselves. We are occupying and soon the trumpet will sound, then the restrainer who is the Holy Spirit in us will be removed from this planet so the evil one can take over…2 Thessalonians 7-8.

    • Deb,
      Yes, mornings spent with Him are glorious and my favorite time of the day! The waiting is the hardest, but as you said, we’re to occupy until He comes. Exciting days…
      God bless!

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