Tribulation-Now Interview (Wake Up Call to the Remnant)


This interview was given March 1, 2020, on Tribulation-Now Radio.  I discuss the wake-up call to the Remnant, walking through “Uncharted Territory,” as well as an announcement to the 10 Virgins.


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Michele Sperber
Michele Sperber
March 3, 2020 1:10 pm

Dear “True and Faithful Witness”, I have called you this Diana, for the message you gave came from a faithful and true heart. How I thank God for your purity and dedication. This word came to me this morning as I waited on the Lord: “Caw! Caw!” the blackbirds shrieked in fear. Man’s scarecrow had been removed and in its place was a fire with shooting missiles targeting not only the birds, but every enemy in heaven and on earth. The day of His coming had arrived- even His coming within the weak ones who had become strong in His… Read more »

Rosemarie Riddle
Rosemarie Riddle
March 3, 2020 1:08 pm

What a powerful message Diana! I could feel the Spirit when you declared God is our victorious Banner! Thank you for being obedient.

March 2, 2020 3:02 pm

Your broadcast was very powerful, Diana. Would this be a good summary? In the past we have chosen things of the world because they seemed right to us, perhaps even as Christians. Yet even the simplest of things should be brought to God’s attention first as He wants to be part of our lives. (I am reminded of churches that request people sign up for ministries yet do not to tell the people to first go to the Lord in prayer). Since we did not go to Him first, our lives are now mixed in with the world and He… Read more »