The Seven Churches

Episode 2
This week on ‘As We See the Day Approaching’ Diana and Andrew discuss the Seven Churches and how the Bride of Christ is clearly revealed. Jesus gave clues to her identity; that when linked together, show His amazing love and plan for His Beloved.
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Sheralyn Shacknofsky
Sheralyn Shacknofsky
May 4, 2022 1:49 am

Deep gratitude once again beloved Diana and Andrew for this timely teaching which has blessed me immensely. I’m listening very intently and was blown away by a revelation made by Andrew where he mentioned a prophetic utterance made by the Spirit of the Lord – not once but twice stating that we are entering a season of transition leading to transformation. A couple of weeks ago whilst praying for another beloved sister in Christ, I too received the words we are in transition. Later that day, the Holy Spirit led me to ponder the etymology of a butterfly 🦋 and… Read more »