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The following is a link to my Tribulation-Now Radio interview from 12/10/2017.  God said, “You will stretch forth your hands and you will be used as My Instruments of Righteousness.  The interview begins at the 1:33 hour marker.

Tribulation Now Radio with Diana Pulliam

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  1. Great show Diana! It was convicting as well and I prayed about going through the door. I’m writing to let you know after some prayer last night and today I prayed to go through the door and give Him my all.

    Thank you for the message, I feel mor connected to the Lord and it is so good!

    • Andrea,
      Thank you so much for letting me know how you were blessed by this message. From the very beginning, this is what our God wanted – intimacy with us, to walk and talk with us! God bless you, Andrea!

  2. Dear Diane ~
    I just recently found you and am so happy I did ! The words you receive from the Lord is such a blessing !
    I would love to be on a mailing list of some sort, if you have one, none of the ‘following options’ given seem to apply to me.
    Kind regards and God Bless,

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