Tribulation-Now Interview (It’s Time!)

This is my interview on Tribulation-Now Radio from February 23, 2021.  My portion of the interview begins at the 1:14 hour marker:

I discuss the spiritual season we are in, as well as specific instructions the Lord’s giving His people in this hour. 


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April 7, 2022 8:22 am

All playing out in natural realm. Rising gas prices. Where does gas come from? Oil
Holy Spirit oil is God’s commodity for His people. Look up definition to commodity. As we look to world for answers and not God then it will cost us more to receive from Him as we will have to give up more.
Russia started gold backed currency thus removing cabal monetary system. God showing value of gold? Why? This is because our faith is more valuable than gold?

April 8, 2022 8:15 am
Reply to  Diana Pulliam

I am humbled by your greeting. Thank you. It is by the grace of God that I was able to comment. Your next teaching will be important as God began to reveal much about The Bride to you years ago. God never let go of that. I see you doing more frequent interviews soon? The Bride must let go of all things of the world lest it cost even more than at the first. Due to things playing out in world affairs, many are saying food shortage, even famine coming. This is a reflection of the spiritual as there is… Read more »

March 7, 2022 6:32 am

Hi Dianna as always I love you message on tribulation now . Last night I had a dream , psalm 51 and psalm 58 .
So I’m reading them this morning and in psalm 58:4 it says “Their poison is like the venom of a serpent “ I instantly thought of what you spoke of . Definite confirmation my heart is so sad for all the people that are still so blindly following these liars .
God Bless you and your ministry team


February 26, 2022 4:40 pm

hi Diane, is it possible to write this word out as the audio not the best. John said it was fine his end but hard to listen and concentrate on what you are saying on home computer, I connect it to good speakers but oh i wish it was clearer.
thank you Diane .